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Learn How To Protect & License Your Bright Ideas!

Ninja Inventor™ is an online course with proven strategies and the ultimate Inventor Toolbox to help you get licensed!

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FREE GIFT: Instant access to the "Expert Vault," featuring over 30 hours of podcast interviews with innovation experts, including large brand representatives, successful inventors, prototypers, and patent attorneys. A $199 value, free!

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"We're talking about what it takes to turn one of your great ideas into a million dollars."

Dr. Phil

"She's one of those key components that I needed in season one."

Daymond John

"Lisa Lloyd found hidden millions just fixing her hair one day."

Donny Deutsch

Alex Camacho

I’ve been going through the course and it’s a wealth of information. I’ve made a lot of progress with my Sell Sheet and Pitch Presentation. Your templates and videos are invaluable! Again, thank you for your time and expertise!

Heather Fitzner

Lisa's advice was fantastic! Whether you're a seasoned pro, or just starting out, we ALL can learn something from others every day! Thank you so much!!

Paul Raymond

Lisa was very informative giving me the confidence to keep going with this venture. You are a special person for helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. We definitely need more people like you! THANKS SO MUCH!

What You Get Out Of This Course

Immerse yourself in over 40 concise and impactful video lessons designed to ignite your creativity and accelerate your path to license. Each short (5-10 minute) lesson is free from unnecessary fluff, ensuring you get straight to the point, making it easy to learn and apply what you need quickly and effectively.

Comprehensive Learning Experience

  • Binge-Worthy Videos: Dive into over 40 high-quality videos that take you through each step of the process, from turning an idea into a licensed product. Each video tutorial is designed to be engaging and easy to follow, ensuring you grasp every key concept. Plus, you'll have access to all the essential tools and resources right alongside the videos, so you can instantly put what you’ve learned into practice. With this comprehensive video library, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the path from idea to licensing, giving you a strong foundation for success.

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) Exclusive Access: Enjoy direct access to Lisa, where you can ask questions inside every lesson and receive personalized expert advice tailored specifically to your journey. This exclusive feature ensures you get guidance that directly addresses your unique challenges and goals, providing you with the insights you need to overcome obstacles and make informed decisions throughout the course. With Lisa’s expertise at your fingertips, you'll have the support and answers you need to maximize your success and make the most of your learning experience.

  • Fast Start Tools/Templates: Access a wealth of resources to speed up your licensing journey. Use our proven templates to create eye-catching sell sheets, and customize them with our free tools for a polished look. Benefit from professionally written scripts for reaching out to prospects and sample licensing contracts to set clear expectations and negotiate successful deals. These essential resources will help you confidently navigate the complex world of product licensing.

  • Exclusive Trusted Vendor Discounts: Enjoy member-only discounts on essential services such as patents, engineering, and prototyping whenever you need them.


  • More For Makers: Dive deeper into prototyping with incredible extras that enhance your hands-on skills.

  • TEST Module: This "Go-To-Market" module is specifically designed for those undecided between licensing or creating a company, this module also serves as a way to prove market demand to potential licensees. Available ONLY with the Annual (1x pay for Lifetime Access) Membership.

  • **FREE GIFT**: Enjoy the "Expert Vault" featuring more than 30 hours of podcast interviews with innovation experts, including large brand representatives, successful inventors, prototypers, and patent attorneys. This is a $199 value, but it is my FREE gift to you!

  • 14-DAY GUARANTEE: Ninja Inventor™ comes with a 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely DELIGHTED and ENLIGHTENED by the training in this course, then contact us within 14 Days for a full refund, no questions asked, and KEEP my **FREE GIFT** just for trying the course out!

I am living PROOF that

Anyone Can Do This!

When I created my first product I was only 23 years old.

I didn’t have a college education…with my ADHD I barely made it through high school.

I was only making $14,000 a year at my job and had almost NO MONEY to invest.

Yet, that product went on to pay me $60,000 a year for nearly 10 years!

And, that was JUST THE BEGINNING! I went on to license 8 products generating more than $30M in sales around the world, and I'm still at it.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who has a passion for dreaming up consumer products and licensing to awesome brands

  • You value your time and want to cut the learning curve and save time and frustration from piecemealing information together

  • You are prepared to DO THE WORK with efficient, proven guidance

Who Is This Course NOT For?

  • You do not want to license consumer products

  • You prefer to hire someone to do it all for you

  • You don't trust the process and prefer to figure things out on your own through trial and error.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this course for?

This course was designed with beginners in mind, however, wherever you are on the path to licensing, if you are stuck and confuse, Ninja Inventor™ will guide you through those roadblocks on the path to licensing!

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

How does lifetime sound?! Join today and have immediate access to everything...Including all the updates to all the tools, resources, scripts, templates, contracts...ALL OF IT!

Can't I learn all of this on YouTube?

While YouTube can be an awesome source for free information, it can be difficult at times to know who to trust...and perhaps even worse, impossible to stitch all the (sometimes mixed) messages together. With Ninja Inventor™, you have a proven successful inventor guiding you every step of the way and all the tools you need to get the job done RIGHT at your fingertips.

Do I need to have a patent or prototype before starting?

Absolutely NOT, in fact it is preferred that you START HERE before you spend a dime on your inventions. This way you can learn the process for getting it right from the moment those bright ideas pop into your head and prevent costly mistakes and wasted time on unnecessary steps.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! Ninja Inventor™ has a 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the training in Ninja Inventor™, then contact us within 14 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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